Summer Break Short Story

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It ended off like all other school days except that my friend Abbie and I got into a fight. I can’t believe that we got into a fight on the last day of school. It was five minutes till the bell and everyone had started packing up including the boy that leaves packing up to the last minute. I think everyone is so excited for Summer break. That night when I got home, my parents and I made some plans for the summer. “I want to go to an indoor pool” I said so bad that I actually couldn 't stop saying it. Since I was super eager my parents set the date to go the following day. Mom explained, "If you want to go you would have to do all the packing so I can make food right now so we can leave early in the morning.”I ran up the stairs as quick as lightning and started to pack more than needed. By the time I finished, it was ten at night. I was so sleepy that it didn 't take me the usual half an hour to sleep. “Jennie, wake up honey.” That 's the sound I woke up to in the morning. My mom never usually called my honey so it was quite…show more content…
The only problem is that I don 't know how to get back.” Both of them started walking to where Jennie had fallen from. The beautiful light of the day was going, the sun had started to set. Benjamin and Jennie still hadn’t found a way to get back home. At last, Benjamin decided to yell out the word on the rock and threw the rock as hard as he could toward the sky. “It’s working” yelled the both of them. It started to rain and both of them made it back into the pool, exactly where they were before. Jennie was so relieved and so was Benjamin.They decided not to speak about what had happened unless asked to. They both swam for a while before Jennie had to go. On the way back home, Jennie asked herself “ was this all a dream.If it was why wasn’t she able to wake up from it?” About two years later Jennie turned 15. By now she had forgotten that horrific dream she had gone into. Everyone was happy and so was she, nothing else
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