Summer Bridge Reflection

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The Summer Bridge writing course was not like expected at all. I expected it to be a brief review of what we learned in high school and then we have the posttest. I was wrong in fact; it was not only a review of what we learned in high school but it was also introduction into what college writing classes would be like. This of course surprised me and I did have some difficulty in the beginning of the course, but overtime I became better day by day. Constant writing, proofreading and a little bit of constructive criticism is what I expected from this course. Upon entering the course my expectations were surpassed, Dr. PHP was not an easy teacher but she was an effective teacher. Her lessons and explanations in class worked well for me especially in my writing. Giving us handouts dealing with grammatical errors like comma splices and giving us examples in class of how an outline should be written really helped out a lot. Another thing that helped me in this class is the journals, even though I did not feel like doing them they help me spot a lot of my silly errors and grammatical mistakes. Even though I have a lot more improving to do these class assignments help my writing to become more coherent and unified. Another thing that helped in this class was when our TA Mr. Shelford took over the class and taught the class a technique in proofreading our papers. Because our brain works faster than we can write at the end of writing my essay I read from the bottom up so my brain can
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