Summer Exposed In Natasha Preston's The Cellar

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The Cellar by Natasha Preston is about 16 year old girl named Summer who is the main character in the story.In Summer’s small town where there is no excitement ,something finally happens and it involves Summer.On one night Summer was kidnapped and was took to a cellar and to her surprise she isn’t the only one.Along with three other girls named Rose,Poppy,and Violet, who have been down in the cellar.All four of the girls know one thing they have to survive and that is to stay alive.The theme of the story is to be careful at all time ,many thing bad things can happen if not careful . Summer was walking alone at night when she should have been with someone she know or trust to walk with her.Summer was stubborn to be walking alone to find her friend at night.By doing that Summer has ended up in a very bad situation.She got kidnapped by a man named Clover has a mental issue.Captured by a man who seem to be like a normal and well kept a man you would never suspect that he kidnapped so many girls.Clover chose a girl who lives in the streets and have families that don’t care about them.That’s how he chose his perfect flowers. They four perfect flower were trapped in a cellar with no way to contact the outside world.The cellar is really clean because Clover doesn’t stand things that are mess or dirty.Clover expect food made for him from his perfect…show more content…
It all started back when clover was just a child.His mother loved flower and his father cheated on his mother.Clover looked like a normal person but that the thing look doesn’t tell or give away about a person.It’s hard to trust anyone because who know what he/she is capable of doing to someone
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