Summer Heights High Satire

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Summer Heights High is a mockumentary show, directed by Chris Lilly. It was filmed in a Brighton Secondary College in Australia, aired on Australia’s ABC TV in September 2007. It’s played by three main characters over the course of a term: Jonah, Jamie and Mr. G. These characters are stereotyped to create funny content of themselves to encourage people not to behave that way. It labels the inappropriate content of words, used by a number of swearing and bullying that was nevertheless to make fun their behavior. Summer Heights High provided a satirical show that should be appropriate to show all around schools because it teaches a way that people should definitely knowledge about.

In the mockumentary, Summer Heights High is an inappropriate text of labelling people in schools. The labels for each character are deliberately offensive to have our attention
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It encourages us to let us know that this isn’t how real behave, its generality similar to other students or teachers. Jonah is a class clown typical troublemaker and Polynesian teenager boy, who thinks he’s better than anyone else. A rich spoilt brat Jaime, who is the most popular private school girl, thinking that she’s hotter and better. Finally, a typical fun loving Drama teacher Mr. G, demands school’s funding and thinks he’s awesome and better than all of the staff members. It illustrates that it is similar to an average of students or teachers. Chris Lilly used different types of stereotypes using sarcasm, juxtaposition and hyperbole to satirize. For example, Jaime calls other girls: ‘Rich is not a Bitch’, analyze that it’s a juxtaposition of her combining different perspective together. Another quote can be: ‘There is so many fat chicks’, using hyperbole as a massive exaggeration of a bunch of fat chicks. Stereotypes are used a lot, not only for fun, but it convinces us not to behave in that stereotyping
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