Summer Interns Case Study

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1. What do employees receive from summer interns? What returns do recent graduates get from these internship opportunities? Cheaper to hire an intern since they don't come with full-time benefits, but you do so at the cost of having to teach. It's an easy way for companies to get extra labor at a cheaper cost. They receive new skills that would make them have a better performance, know their job better, know the culture, strategies, process and plans of the corporation that will help the employees be more productive, gaining work experience, outshine their resume, learn something new and lots of events that they will enjoy. Recent graduates can get learning opportunities that help them to learn more about the job and to get more knowledge, have a challenging…show more content…
Moreover, providing employment opportunities and recognition that will make them be a part of the corporation success and to have their voices and opinions because its better to have different opinions and have a brainstorming from many different people. We will get more new ideas and plans because every person thinks differently which will help more in the success of the company. Recent graduated can get employee engagement which will help them have employment security based on performance and give them the opportunity to learn new things and be satisfied after accomplishing their work. 2. Should interns be paid? If so, how much? How would you recommend an employer decide the answer to both these questions? It depends but I prefer that they get paid, between 1500-4000Qtr. An employer should decide the answer depending on the kind of interns because there are a volunteer, worker, student and an employee. For a volunteer we need less salaries but for a worker they need more because they are already in our company and they should be treated same as other employees and workers in the company but with a less salary because its just a period of time that help them to be more qualified and have more
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