Summer Internship

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The summer internship term for duration of 40 days was an experience full of learning and exposure to the real corporate world. The application of the theoretical knowledge in the organization and the understanding of the company’s processes and activities were understandable. The familiarity with the terms used in the business language was due to the learning done at university level.
One of the major things learned during the summer internship was that the business is an on going process and never stops and it has to adapt to the dynamic environment outside and make changes accordingly. Employee satisfaction should be the first aim of the organization by providing them what the need and want in terms of incentives, bonuses,
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Providing quality range of products to its customers is the main aim of the company for which it even makes regular quality checks and uses the best of raw materials to produce a product which is durable, affordable and comfortable at the same time. The workforce is continually trained and made aware of the latest technology. Motivation to the employees is also done by way of incentives and ‘Employee of the Month’ badge is given to the employee who works the best in a particular month to his full potential and who comes up with suggestions and improvements for the company. The prices set by the firm for its products are very affordable and hence it has a huge market with many customers who feel that they get equivalent value for the money paid. Limited number of people in the organization is beneficial, as it does not create much problems and…show more content…
They like to keep things private. The organization should keep more employees and increase its workforce so that the work could be managed and handled better in full potential. Grievance handling still needs attention as some employees are still not satisfied with their jobs and have certain issues. These things need to be taken care of regularly and certain action must be taken quickly to adhere to the employees’ problems. This would in turn make the employees feel motivated and satisfied and they would work for the company with full

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