Summer Jobs Should Be Paid

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With today’s economy, young adults are trying to gather up enough financial resources to prepare them for the future ahead. Be it in a college or university, right now it is found to be impossible to pay for education with a summer job.

Sumemr jobs used to be able to pay for college. That is not the case now. Kids used to work in mail rooms, ice cream stands, coffee shops and even garden work in order to earn a little bit of cash taht will go a long way. At the same time, they also learn about developing work ethics and value for money. That is no longer the case.

In order to earn enough to pay for college, kids and teenagers have to pay twice the hours than previously. The work hours has doubled, and according to Time, times have really changed. Anya Kamentz from NPR mentioned that paying for college with the average summer job is almost immpossible. The total cost of a full year in college is about $19,548. Even with a grant and federal minimum wage - paying for college with a summer job means working more than 21 hours a day. For the whole year, that would mean working more than 37 hours every week.
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Students need to have ample rest or sleep, time to study and make time for extra curricular activities that are also essential to their experience.

Which is why many students are looking into scholarships and grants to help them pursue their college and university needs. Working right before college and during college is possible to pay off the year or the course but the worrying burn-out and stress may have an effect on the
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