Summer Of My German Soldier Summary

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“Summer of My German Soldier” is a young adult fiction novel written by Bette Greene. The setting takes in Jenkinsville, Arkansas near the end of World War II. Patricia Anne Bergen, also called Patty, is a 12-year-old Jewish girl who lived in Jenkinsville, Arkansas during the time of the World War II. She has a younger sister named Sharon. In her town a group of German soldiers were sent to a POW camp for captured Nazis. One day Patty is in her father’s store in town helping out and a group of German prisoners enter the store. One of the prisoners who spoke English is asked to translate and translated that they wanted to buy hats. Patty saw him examining pencils at the stationary counter. She offered some help and he asked her if they sell any pocket pencil…show more content…
It’s the most precious thing he had, and he tells her she is a special person. He aboards the train and leaves. When Patty is in the store one day she shows off her ring to Sister Parker and tells an extravagant story about how she got it. She said that a poor man asked her for food. She gave him some food and he thanked her. The man confessed to not being poor and said that he would like to have a granddaughter like her and gives her the ring. Sister Parker calls Patty’s father’s attention to it. Patty’s father asked her where she got it from. She repeats her story, and her father takes the ring. He then calls the sheriff and he comes to talk to Patty and asks her how she got the ring. She tells him the exact same story. Patty is taken to Memphis to tell the FBI everything. Patty’s father hires a laywer to defend her. At trial, Patty is found guilty, and due to her age she is sentenced to four to six months in a girls’ reform school. In reform school, Patty is teased and is called “Nazi” and “spy.” Ruth visits Patty, bringing her news, food, and wisdom. She tells Patty she may not get her parents’ love back. In the end, Patty wonders if she will ever “make it” in
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