Summer Reading Paper: Tale Of Two Cities

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Summer Reading Paper: Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickinson was a great writer who brought a great amount of purpose and devotion to his writings. In this novel he writes about the French Revolution. Charles writes this novel with the purpose of showing people the significance and details of the historic event. He wanted to use his gift to let people know that the French Revolution effected many people and that the event should not be understated. The truth he brings to this fiction novel tells the history of the revolution in a way that won’t bring boredom. This novel didn’t only have one single purpose. It also has the purpose of teaching people the values of family and suffering around the world. By writing this novel he used his characters…show more content…
The poverty in this book made me appreciate what I have and allows me to realize I need to take better advantage of my privileges. It allowed me to step back and look in the suffering people’s point of view. This novel made me feel more aware of the suffering and anarchy that went one during the French Revolution. It even made me realize more about what Father Chaminade witnessed and went through. That is the knowledge I appreciated most from this novel. Tale of Two Cities was on the college boards list of books because Charles Dickinson was a renowned author who is very talented at writing and making a story come to life. It also has a very intellectual historic base. Also because in order to read the book you have to have further knowledge on the French Revolution not seen in the book. I would most definitely recommend this book to others because it gave me a wider knowledge on the French Revolution which has a lot to do with Chaminde. So in that case I would recommend this book to my fellow Chaminade men. Another reason I would recommend this book to my classmates is because as students at Chaminde we have the privilege of catholic education and I believe this novel will help them appreciate their privileges and take advantage of their opportunities in
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