Summer Reading Reflection

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As time ticked by, my hands rushed to scribble down letters to form the first essay of the first semester, then the second, and finally the last. Throughout the first semester, I experienced writing essays in a short amount of time while trying to maintain the essay’s quality. I believe that although I did well in some parts of my Summer Reading Essay, The Odyssey Essay, and Character showing Empathy Essay, there were pieces of the essays that could be improved and in the future, I aim to achieve the goals I have set up to enhance my work.
In the Summer Reading Essay, there are areas that were done well, as well as areas that need improvement. After receiving the prompt for this essay, I hurried to the books to find textual evidence. Looking back at my decisions now, I believe that I should have spent more time brainstorming the essay so that I would not be stuck in the middle of the essay, not knowing what to write. Because I used up so much time writing my essay, I had little time to edit and revise my essay thoroughly. I was only able to skim through it, leaving numerous amounts of errors in my essay. Additionally, I would say that my essay 's quality is poor because of the lack of analysis, the lack of organization, and the grammatical errors. The examples that I have mentioned are what I believe I need to improve on the most because it has been occurring throughout most of my writing. However, in this essay, the textual evidence and examples are what I think I did well
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