Summer Road Poem

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In the first five seconds of the advertisement we see a Caucasian father teaching his son how to drive in an empty parking lot. Then we see the boy at the DMV taking his drivers license and when he finally passed he walks out the doors smiling ear to ear holding up proudly his driver license card. The males in the commercial don’t speak, but the narrator illustrates the scenes while he rhymes, “16…wide eyes. Driver 's license took two tries.” The next scenes that follow, display the boy happy because he’s driving alone, but when he pulls up home to his drive way he is alarmed because he has hit the garage door. The narration accompanies these scenes by the voice over saying, “First drive, fast living. Hit the garage door. Was forgiven.” After the boy has been forgiven by his father, the narrator says, “Bought…show more content…
Ended summer road trip. Late for curfew. Speeding ticket in Kalamazoo. Loaded up, off to State”. While viewers see the boy and his friends dancing and playing outside, in the bottom of the frame his Miata’s headlights is what gives the crowd light so that they can see when the sunsets. The scene then cuts to the boy and his friend hitting on a group of girls while they ride in the boy’s polished car. Next, both friends are seen in a mountainous highway driving down while the car’s exterior appears to be covered in dust. Afterwards, the commercial advances to the boy arriving late and his parents noticing by the light that’s turned on in the house, when he pulls up to the driveway. Then there’s a scene of him being pulled over by a cop, while he looks down with discontent as the officer approaches him. Then, audiences see him and his parents embracing goodbye next to his car, just as he has finished placing his belongings in his car before leaving to college. In the middle of the commercial audiences see the now a young man’s journey in college. When arriving to college, he has a prank done on him, when the frame shows his car being wrapped in plastic all
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