Summer Runnin Is Comin Quatrain Analysis

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“Summer Runnin’ is Comin’” is a poem that describes the anticipation of a high school kid as the school year comes to an end. After “watching the clock tick”(Periard 2) throughout the school year, the average kid cannot wait to get out. The first quatrain contains description of the school life. Someone who conscientiously working through essays and assignments but as the school year ends, they becomes less and less verbose. The quatrain describes how quickly the year's gone by, how time has almost disappeared because the student was so preoccupied with his work. The quatrain is in present tense and late in the school year. The second quatrain is also in present tense, like the first quatrain the second one describes a lot of the troubles…show more content…
The title “Summer Runnin’ is Comin’” , is a metaphor for the freedom of summer. In school you’re confined to a small classroom with twenty other people and in the summer you have space to run free and do as you please. The first quatrain, which describes why someone doesn’t want to be in school, tells the reader that this student is bored. “Watching the clock tick”(Periard 2), gives the reader an idea that the narrator is staring at the clock and not paying attention in class. Saying that time is going faster is really just symbolism for the rush that comes with trying to turn in an essay on time. The second quatrain, which shows the work and accomplishments a student has usually made at this time in the year, also gives off some nervous energy about grades coming in and how students need to pass all of their classes. This quatrain is pretty straightforward, but is also meant to be a transition to the third quatrain, which is why a students wants summer to start. There is a lot of repetition to emphasize and rhyme the quatrain. It gives descriptions of what people will do over the summer and also makes it sound like the narrator can just go on and on about the different fun activities that people do. The couplet adds some irony to the poem. It says that the whole list of summer activities was just a dream that a student had in math class and now summer is starting for real and they get to live through all those

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