Summer Scholarship Essay

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The main way that this scholarship will assist my academic career at the University of Michigan is by allowing me to be able to take classes during the Spring/Summer terms, which is something I would not be able to afford on my own. Taking classes during the spring and summer will grant me the opportunity to spread out my course load, which will, in turn, help me receive better grades and learn concepts more thoroughly. It also will allow me to spend more time volunteering with different psychology labs and my student organization (Active Minds) during the Spring/Summer term, as well as the Fall and Winter terms of my senior year. With less of a course load in each specific semester, I will be able to allocate the time necessary to fulfill my lab duties, gain work experience, and have experiences that will make me a more well-rounded student without being overworked or feeling too overwhelmed. While classes are my…show more content…
This is important because I would like to maintain the connections that I already have in some psychology labs and be able to continue working in them. More importantly, however, staying here this summer would mean that, while many of the classes do not go towards my major, I could spend more time taking interdisciplinary classes, which would allow me to expand my current perspective of the world. This is very advantageous when it comes to applying to graduate schools, and being a psychologist in general, as I will be better able to relate to those in circumstances that differ from my own. My father works ground maintenance at Macomb Community College and, due to the lack of snow, has not received as much overtime as he normally does. As my parents are divorced and I am the dependent of my father, this means that it will be more difficult this year for me to pay for school than it has been in previous years, which is why I would be very grateful to receive this
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