Summer Seminar

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It has been been a goal of mine to attend the United States Naval Academy after visiting Annapolis with my grandparents in 2012. Since visiting the Naval Academy I knew that I wanted to serve America with the utmost honor and integrity. The Naval Academy Summer Seminar would give me the ability to hone my leadership skills and give me valuable experience that I could use as a Navy Midshipman and throughout life. This summer experience is an opportunity of a lifetime because it will allow me to understand and benefit from the mental and physical challenges the academy provides. Challenging myself at the Naval Academy Summer Seminar would be greatly beneficial for me because I will have the confidence and skills to make decisions…show more content…
By volunteering at my local church and helping with local service projects, I have realized the commitment and perseverance it takes to lead by example. At my local church I continue to help with the organization of my youth group. After speaking at church staff meetings for several months we made it our goal to improve the youth group by ensuring that children and teens of all ages were included and had an opportunity to participate. I was able to create a system where teens who attended high school were paired with a middle school individual of the church. This provided a sense of inclusiveness and made the youth group more enjoyable for everyone. One way this system was put into action was when our youth group volunteered at our local food bank. My high school colleagues and I were able to watch over the middle school group members by showing them what volunteering at a food bank entailed. My colleagues and I showed the younger youth members how to serve by pushing shopping carts for everyone, carrying grocery bags, and stacking shelves with food. The following week, I returned to the church staff meetings and found another way that our youth group could help serve the community. My youth director, friends, and I came to the consensus that we should visit Detroit, Michigan and attend the ELCA National Youth Gathering. After several
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