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Summerland is a term used by some Esoteric religions to describe a paradise in the afterlife,a reward for “good souls”. Not far from the aptly named Paradise on Mt Rainer is our very own Summerland, where endless blue sky stretches as far as the eyes can see across lush green meadows, snow covered peaks and rocky crags and where glacier fed waterfalls crash down into the rivers below. Our Summerland is easily accessible from the White River Road in Mt Rainier National Park. Limited parking is available in a lot just across the bridge that spans Frying Pan Creek. The hike beings along a level path through old growth forest. At about ¼ mile in the you will see the junction with the Wonderland Trail leading from Sunrise. This is one of the last sections built which completed the 93…show more content…
For those drawn by the scenery and a sense of adventure the trail continues down into grassy meadows cut through by crystal clear streams, you 'll be drawn to explore this area and then up to the rocky cuts leading closer to the mountain. Just beyond the sharp talus likes stone smoothed by eons of water rushing over them, another single log bridge takes you across the creek to admire the vivid blue green water of small glacial lakes. Your eyes, and likely your hiking boots will be drawn up to Panhandle Gap. Even late in summer, this last ascent can be all or partially covered in snow, so you 'll want trekking poles and possibly traction devices such as Yak Tracks or microspikes if you are not comfortable on steep slopes with only show tread to keep you upright. This is mountain goat territory and in all but the middle of the day, you are likely to see them foraging on the slopes. At 6,800 feet, this is 2nd highest elevation on the Wonderland Trail second only to Skyscraper pass at just over 7000 feet. It is well worth the final climb for the amazing views that await you at the top which include Mt Adams and Mt Hood. The 900 or so extra feet are definitely worth the

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