Internal Structure Of The Sun Essay

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2.0 Literature Review (related topics)
2.1 The sun
Sun is a giant hot object at the heart of the solar system which scientists believes that it was formed ago 4.6 billion years due to the collapse of the solar nebula. The sun is huge with a volume of 1.3 million times larger than the earth. The internal structure of the sun is composed of several zones such as core, radiative zone and the convection zone from inside out of the sun. The energy of the sun is produced only at the high tempered and pressured core, which exist one quarter of suns radius. The energy is created through nuclear fusion of hydrogen in high pressure and a temperature of 15 million kelvins. Then the formed energy travels through the radiative zone and convection zone before
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The sun has complicated and changing magnetic field running from north pole to south pole, below the photosphere of the sun. Differential solar rotation of the sun makes the equator of the sun rotate faster, with a rotation period of 30 days. This stretches the magnetic fields out and wrap it around the equator of the sun forming the dark and cooler patches on sun which is known as sunspots formed on the photosphere of the sun.
The group of sunspots are called the active region and stronger magnetic loops are connected through the bipolar sunspots. The magnetic loops rise and settle down in hours or in several days. But the active regions persist for several weeks, creating sudden explosions and solar flares.
2.2.1 Solar Flares
Solar flares are the largest explosive events in the solar system which is occurred on the surface of the sun. Solar flare occurs when the magnetic field lines from the sunspots tangles and twists emitting the magnetic energy. The magnetic energy built-up in the solar atmosphere is suddenly released as intense burst of radiation and light with mostly every wavelength of spectrum which brings an increased radiation to space. Occurrence of solar flares varies according to the solar cycle. At the peak of the cycle the solar flare events are high and then it gets reduced.

2.2.2 Coronal Mass Ejection

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