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Giambattista print version of the story Sun, Moon, and Talia, and the Disney film version Sleeping Beauty both send the same message about love, but the film version is more effective at sending the main message. In the print version Sun, Moon, and Talia, Talia is a young and beautiful female character. The female protagonist role, as Talia does not effectively send the message because her role is undeveloped and rush as a majority of the story she is asleep, or is in love with the king. In contrast in the movie sleeping beauty the female character equivalent to Talia is called Aurora, who is a more developed character as we know more about her past and her personality. The female character Aurora is more effective because the development of her character is more relatable to the audience, which makes the message of love appeal…show more content…
This presentation of the King is unsuccessful at sending the message because the King already was married to a women who he must've liked if not loved, therefore the message of love is misleading as the King married Talia. In the print version, the King paid no attention to the queen "When the King came...for two or three times the King paid no attention to this repetition ". The King character does not send a clear message about love, because he is showing another significant message of betrayal that overcomes his message of love. In this way, the film version of the King presents the message better because as Aurora is his daughter, the King takes action to protect her from Maleficent's curse, therefore the audience knows that the King tries to protect Aurora because he loves her as she is his daughter. Finally, the character of the fairies. In the text, there are two fairies that only appear to indirectly save Talia from her sleep "in then two rare jewels, and they where attend by the fairies ... Talia awoke as if from a long

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