Skyler's Life Before A Snow Storm

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Skyler was 27 years old and her parents were in Orlando, Florida for a business trip. They left Skyler in charge since she was out of college. She could take care of Kyle. Since Kyle was 16 he was old enough to drive, but there might be a snow storm and his parents did not want him to drive. The snow storm was getting closer and the weather outside was getting worse, the falling snow had turned into a blizzard and the white fluries were now two feet of snow. No one was outside and no one could go outside, but Kyle had basketball practice that he had to go to because it was the last one before the championship. “There is no way I am going to miss it.” whined Kyle. Kyle ended up going to basketball. When his sister drove him, she couldn 't…show more content…
Skyler has the weather channel on and the weatherman says that everyone should stay inside until the storm passes. Since Skyler and Kyle 's parents are gone for a week no one can go pick Kyle up because the weatherman said to stay inside. Skyler had no idea what she was going to do. Skyler said to herself that she would go pick Kyle up and put blankets and whatever she needed in the car. It was time for Skyler to go get Kyle. Skyler started to pull out of the driveway when she heard someone scream. Skyler could not tell what the person was saying, but she knew it could not be good. She looked, but the person was gone. Skyler got out of the car and looked around more, she saw nothing until she saw everyone huddled around one house. She ran over to the house. She went inside, the weatherman said that all the roads will be closed and that all the phone lines are down. Skyler did not know where she heard the scream, but all she needed to figure out was if Kyle was okay. She also needed to figure out how she is going to go get Kyle home. Skyler went in the house and sat down to figure out a plan to get Kyle. Skyler said that she would just go out there to see how far she could get until the snow stopped her. Skyler went out and drove for about five minutes until a cop stopped her. “Hello my name is officer Berry. Where are you going?” asked officer Berry. “I am going to get my younger brother in Sun Prairie at basketball practice.” Skyler answers. “I would like you to go back to your house and stay inside. Your brother is with friends and safe inside a building.” Stated officer
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