Chapter Summary: Waging War

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Explanation: This chapter has a significant section on deception, when sun tzu elaborates on deception; he states that “Hence, when able to attack we must unable: when using our forces, we must seem inactive: when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away. When for away we must make him believe we are near.” This is a role of deception unable to simply show the enemy nothing the strategist instead that the opponent wishes to see and wishes s to believe. Having shown this something in a way that creates a false impression, the enemy is seduced into deceiving himself. EXAMPLE: A class action lawsuit was filled Jan, 21 in a California federal court alleging taco bell deceptively its meat products, failing to tell customer the its ground beef, or seasoned ground beef only contains 35% of beef…show more content…
Example: Recently when Vodafone reduces 2g data charges by 80% thereafter airtel to reduce the prices by 90%and give a tough time to Vodafone and besides this after few days aritel decreased 3G data charges too. So first airtel use one method to engage the Vodafone and second method totally grab the market. CHAPTER NO.02: Waging War 1.In war, then, let your great object br victory, not lengthy campaigns. The goal is to win not to overrun everything and everyone. It is also to defeat the enemy not to fight to forever. Whilst there may be glory in battle and bear great battle cost. Beware of letting glory becoming the ends that battle provides. Stores of daring do a good for later cheer but they are not good for the nation when easier victory can be gains. Example: Any project of organization should be on adding business value and getting to the business goals, not on spending a lot of time for developing. 2. Now in order to kill the enemy, our men must roused to anger; that there may be advantage from defeating the enemy; they must have their
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