Sun Tzu War Strategy

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Some of us wonder what ways did Sun Tzu use the game of Go when applying strategy. The response return us backward around 500 centuries B.C. At that time, Sun Tzu, the fighter, theorist and the inventor of The Art of War made use of his strategic thought and positively headed the nation of Wu's statistically inferior military to defeat the bigger and dominant soldiers of the Empire of Chu to the West. He was able to turn the probabilities in his favor and eventually King Helu of Wu governed the huge area in the east of China. The only thing that splits existing period's world from his legacy is a slit of two eras; else his strategic thought exceeds interval and seems to be extra appropriate currently. The strategists, sportsmen and entrepreneurs relate Sun Tzu's strategic thought, whichever consciously or unconsciously, to achieve success in their particular grounds. It isn't flawless whether Sun Tzu portrayed creativeness from the game of Go in scripting The Art of War; nevertheless the black and white stones of the Go is not able to clarify strategy the mode Chief Sun did (idazuwaika 2008). This case study will show the reader how Sun Tzu used the game of Go in application of strategy with applicable cases from his lifetime and its exercise through history. Main:…show more content…
The Americans fought against the North Vietnamese socialists as if performing the attrition based game of chess. Moderately, the Vietnamese hired guerrilla strategies counter to a greater opponent, similar to Sun Tzu they did not take on American militaries directly and somewhat condemned them at weakened areas. As the game of Go they governed a huge region with smaller powers. I believe that this short case study on Sun Tzu's use of the game of Go in his application of strategy positively demonstrates that the prosperous statesmen and generals elude wars of erosion in search of their

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