Sun Zi Art Of War Analysis

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“Detailed Assessment & Planning”, is the chapter 1 of Sun Zi’s Art of War. In this chapter, Sun Zi’s explains how make assessment and planning by two types of condition that is “5 Factors and 7 Consideration”, and “War is about Deception”. Firstly, “The conduct of war is a matter of vital importance to the nation” according to Sun Zi’s. By having the phrase, it determines the survival or death of the country. Furthermore, it is a matter of life and death on comparing to the people and their ruler. Thus, it must be studied and examined thoroughly by everyone by having observation and cultivation on the matter is vital. On the condition, “5 Factor and 7 Consideration”; these five factors are moral influence, the weather, terrain, generalship…show more content…
On the same goal, the seven consideration points are related to the five factors to be considered on the pros and cons for each particular factor that enable for the planning phase to efficient. Shortest way to explain the “War is about Deception”, It because undergo different perspective to locate about your condition is positive way thus feign that in the negative way, so enable you to achieve to your objective or improve your condition. By example, all warfare is based on the principle of deception. Thus, when you are capable, feign that you are incapable. Main point of this chapter 1, “Attack the Enemy when he is not prepared” in short planning are important need to be thorough and detailed to win the war therefore by observing how planning is done, enable to predict victory and defeat. The chosen company by our team for this assignment is Proton Holding…show more content…
This company has produced a lot indigenously designed model and operates at least 26 countries today, most of them are from Asia. Proton Holding Berhad owned by Khazanah Nasional first and taken over by DRB-HICOM, Malaysia conglomerate in January 2012. In October 1996, Proton acquired a share in Lotus Group International and Proton took a major step to upgrading engineering capabilities. The stake is increased in 2013 by 100%. Lotus closely involved in Proton’s new model

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