Sun Zi Swot Analysis

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SECTION B: APPLICATIONS Sun Zi’s philosophies: 1. Forces must be built to achieve objectives. (Chapter 1: Detailed Assessment and Planning) “Forces are to be structured strategically, based on what is advantageous” Sun Zi A number of strategic alliances had successfully established by JT which includes product and technology licensing arrangements, research collaborations, funding and joint ventures with several pharmaceutical and biotech companies outside of Japan including: Gilead, Keryx, Roche, MedImmune, and GlaxoSmithKline (“Japan Tobacco Pharma,” n. d.). Besides, JT fights against illicit trade and collaborates on anti-illicit trade issues with other industries and governments including the Japanese government. In 2011, the Serbian…show more content…
They support new ideas from anyone and anywhere and encourage innovation and experimenting with new things. Other than improving product quality of the flavor and taste of their traditional cigarettes, they aim to offer a wider variety of choices not limited to existing concepts. They try to establish new types of tobacco products to accommodate the dynamic and changing demands of customers or even to exceed customers’ expectation. One of the example is when JT launched the tobacco vaporizer ‘Ploom’ in 2013. Ploom is an entirely new type of tobacco that are sold in several markets domestically and in overseas. It is an electronically heated tobacco product that heats tobacco pods to create vapour (“Tobacco Business,” n.d.). To maintain high customer satisfaction, they continue to constantly take on "innovation" challenges beyond conventional thinking. Not only operating tobacco business as their core business, Japan Tobacco also actively operates pharmaceutical, Japanese beverage and Japanese processed food business. In pharmaceutical business, they focus on production, development and sale of prescription drugs. Its mission is to build world-class, unique R&D capabilities and reinforce its market presence through innovative drugs (“Japan Tobacco Inc. Annual Report 2013,” 2013). JT also operates the beverage business in Japan with the mission to provide “safe and tasty” beverage products. ‘Roots’, the flagship brand is one of the best brands in the canned coffee category in Japan. Besides, they operate processed food business which is operated by TableMark Co. Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of JT. The business operates primarily in Japan by manufacturing frozen and ambient processed food bakery items. They strive to offer high value-added products by focusing on staple food such as frozen noodles, frozen rice, packed cooked rice and frozen baked

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