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The sun as we know it, is one of the most powerful stars in our solar system. We do know quite a bit about them but yet we are stuck with certain questions. One part that we do know about the sun is that it is dangerous. One of the most dangerous parts of our solar system. Our sun can give off solar flares which can harm us all. One of the most known ways to get harmed by the sun is through a sunburn. Sunburns can seem lead up to tumors and different cancers, making it life threatening.
The energy that is created by UV radiation can damage the molecules in the skin. The consequences can vary but one of the main consequences is that the synthesis of the different proteins and enzymes. Prostaglandins and cytokins are some of the effects that
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They found out that UV light triggers and activates the TRPV4 molecule which causes it to allow calcium into the cells and it starts to create another molecule called endothelin, and because of that the sunburn itches. The neurologists and the doctors have performed tests on mice’s paws because they resemble human skin quite a lot. They put some of the TRPV4 blockers onto a part of the mice’s paws and the other part didn’t get any blockage, they shone the UV light onto the mice and they saw that the mice without the TRPV4 blockade had blisters, the mice with the TRPV4 blockade were totally fine. Different companies have already started to put TRPV4 blockades in their sunscreens but scientists are not very sure about this technique yet. (2) The benefits of the TRPV4 blockade sunscreen is that it can efficiently prevent your sunburn. The TRPV4 blockade stops the itchiness and the swelling which is caused. The TRPV4 makes all of the side effects and the actual UV radiation go away and it is a quick and easy

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