Suncor Energy Inc Case Study

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Suncor Energy Inc. operates as an integrated energy company and focus on developing petroleum resource basins in Canada 's Athabasca oil sands. They also explore, acquire, develop, produce, and market crude oil and natural gas. [I] At the beginning of the school year (September 6th) the price per share was $35.36. Currently, almost three months later, the price per share has now reached $42.97. The upward trend sounds promising for the future of the stock.
Not much news came out during September, as Suncor was a very stable stock at the time. The first big news came out in October; Suncor Energy to release third quarter 2016 financial results. The stock rose two dollars but it went down in a couple days. On October 31st, Suncor
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engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral properties. The company was formerly known as Alderon Resource Corp. and changed its name to Alderon Iron Ore Corp. in September 2011. Starting from the beginning of the schoolyear (September 6th) the price per share was $0.12. Currently, almost three months later, the price per share has now surpassed thirty…show more content…
Although the news that is released, is very valuable, helping to decide whether a stock is a good choice. Alderon had been very steady only fluctuating a couple of cents for September and the starting of October. The exponential growth seen between the eighteenth and twenty-fifth of October was due to the announcement of Alderon engaging BBA, Inc. to prepare PEA on New Kami Mine Concept Incorporating Idled Wabush Scully Mine. The stock price had increased ten cents and the following day, the stock price had reached thirty-eight cents. The stock price had been declining following this announcement but had a big plummet during the presidential election. The stock price is still now hovering around thirty cents.
I believe that this stock has good potential to grow, viewing the upwards trend over the past three months. Although the price for iron ore has gone down significantly, the stock price continues to rise. With new mining technologies, it is a good choice for investing although it may be a bit risky for long term purchases. Another downside to this stock is that it does not pay out dividends. With this stock being cheap, paying out dividends would be unreasonable. Although it might be a high-risk stock with few benefits like dividends, the reward can be great as
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