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A common reader may take Debi Dayal’s sister Sundari, as “a ruthless woman who holds nothing sacred and is half in love with her own brother” (Back Cover Page). But, this may not be the totality of Sundari’s character. She is boldly sensitive, bravely desperate, yet acutely modern in her humanist thinking. However, she cannot concede the so called flimsy system of marriage, as an institution in Indian society. She asks, “Marriage? What did it mean? Did it invariably mean happiness- did it always lead to romance- to love? (79; ch.11) The system in which, she argues, a girl had to trust her parents blindly, realizing that they would choose a good man for her, can not be beneficial for women, because the humanist issue of individual liberty is hampered if a woman is not given freedom to choose her life partner. Gopal Chandidar is her parents’ choice. Her marriage with him proves to be unsuccessful because Gopal can not forget Malini, his ex-girl friend. The writer remarks, “They were separated even before they were joined together in matrimony” (99; ch.13). Moreover, this fastidious attitude of Sundari regarding marriage does not mean that Sundari is in love with her…show more content…
Sudari, as a daughter proves her sense of responsibility and mental strength to protect her parents against the communal attack of Safi and his gang. She welcomes Gian’s help and according to his instructions, she faces the communal fray against Safi. When Safi is wounded heavily by Gian with the help of the idol of Siva, Sundari stands over him and begins to crash the idol repeatedly on the head of Safi to ensure his death. However, the posture may appear ‘ruthless’, but a woman, who is about to be raped by one man is sure to react in that way, if she gets that opportunity to destroy the evil. The posture symbolizes the victory of Good over

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