Sunday Mass Sociological Analysis

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Sunday Mass This observation has been carried out this Sunday in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church. It took about one and a half hours with different social groups and their interactions have been observed. Since it is a Catholic Church, you can notice that most of the people were white and the upper middle and wealthy classes of American households. The interaction there were mainly by the chorus members and the piano player. To do this task, I went to the church with my two children to attend the Sunday mass. We entered the church, took the holy water on the left side of the entrance door and painted the sign of cross on our forehead. Then we bent to the holy altar and occupied a place to sit on. I pulled out one of the prayer books and started read it. In the meantime, there was a family sitting just in front of us and when we get in and sit; the woman turned her head and with a lovely smile she said good morning to my children. The family was…show more content…
Religious places are valuable for providing people with the joy and peace that they need from God. And the action of this man was ruining the environment. He was clearly not respecting or adhering to the culture of the church. I think that many people were thinking about getting him down from the chair and helping the guard, but no one actually did because of the bystander effect. Everyone was waiting for someone else to take the step. This was the very reason why that woman held her husband back even when he was trying to be the first individual to do something about the situation. The church guard was the first person who actually asked the man to get down because he would be inquired about that if he did not. This suggest that the role makes people take the charge in situation like
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