Sunday Night Madness Research Paper

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Sunday Night Madness It was an early Sunday morning and everyone in town was at church except for one suspicious man, Allen Fade. Allen was 24 and the only child or family member left. Unfortunately, Allen did not believe in religion and thought it was all wrong. When he was younger, he use to go to church every Sunday until one day he got really sick. Not only was he really sick and could not go that night, but his sister and parents were reported missing and said they has died the one night he did not go. After a month of searching for them, praying day and night, hoping for them to return, nothing seemed to help. After months he gave up on demanding to get his family back together. Nothing was helping acquire his family back as a whole.…show more content…
Once he found what had tripped him, he found where a rug was covering up this out of nowhere bump. Strange he thought to himself, what could it be. Throwing the rug up, he saw a closed door with a lock on it that looked like it lead to some type of basement. His first thought was something good must be down there. He searched the whole house for the key finally he saw a master lock key and jumped with joy. After opening the lock he went down the stairs, switching the lights on. He sees a desk and many pictures along with many varied items as well. Not thinking anything about the pictures he grabs what he wants and starts to leave. Something then grabbed his attention as he heard the same loud noise once again. Once everything was loaded in the bed of the truck he headed back into the house down to the basement. There was something about the pictures that caught his eyes once again. The first picture he read said MISSING, along with the other 6 pictures, but three of the pictures he noticed right off the bat. It was his family. These weren’t just any pictures, these were pictures with a red X over them. What could the red X mean he thought to himself. Then looking at the desk he sees a photograph taken of him. Allen then starts to get worried. On the back of that picture it had the date 12-24-1987. That was the day of the robbing day, and on the back in red it read you’re
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