Sundiata Chapter Summary

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Sundiata The epic of Sundiata is written by the main griot Djeli Mamadou Kouyate, the storyteller and keep of the history duting that time. Kouyate starts with details of Sundiata’s ancestors. Since Sundiata faced two obstacle in his schildhood he started getting strong and independent. He was also frightened by his own son, that will make him lose all his control over his land. After that the journey begins of traveling one place to another, which makes him more independent, strong and unbearable. Whenever Sundiata was little, he had to overcome to two obstacle in his life: one being that, because of the Prediction, the king’s first wife Berete spreads bad rumors about Sundiata and Sogolon in an effort to raise her own son’s height in…show more content…
Who was slowly started to force the people of Mali to get in his under control with his cruel mind and works. After learning and observing everything about this cruel king, Sundiata started to send his people to other places in roder to win over the King. Sundiata’s power starte to rose while after few days Sundiata became a ruler. Sundiata went to many cities and lands that he visited during his planning to win over the cruel king, in this process Sundiata slowly started to building up his army. After few time,his armies come up against those of Soumaoro, those who were in forms of the cruel king. Even though Sundiata was successful in his battles, he could not harm the king because the king had some magical powers with him. Eventually, Sundiata wins over the king and that represents the power of him. In the conclusion, as I’ve discussed it above, Griot was a very simple disabled man, who could not do anything without anyone’s help. Even after all these troubles, he managed to do many great things in life as well as overcame many obstacles throughout his life. Griot had was a ruler, which means he had power to run whole town and control of every people around him. His figure was very simple, but his works were great enough to learn about his
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