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Heroes may not be around forever, but their actions are never truly forgotten. The story of Sundiata is an ancient tale about a powerful African king with unpretentious beginnings. Even though the story is half fact and half fiction, it’s centered on incidents that occurred a long time ago, the epic story of Sundiata’s journey demonstrated different attributes of African culture and reminded myself of the Iliad and the Odyssey. The story itself was full of vivid, traditional legends, clever teachings and sayings, and an epic conquest to save the kingdom of Mali from the clutch of an oppressive ruler. This epic delivered an informative narrative with its actual intention is to represent African historic individual, Sundiata. It preserved the…show more content…
Nare was beforehand the king of Mali essentially. Though on one particular day, a hunter strides to meet with King Nare at his court. It is there that the hunter announced that Sundiata was intended to grow to be an impressive king of Mali and also the seventh great conquer of the world. Typical epic stories centralize on perceptions such as trustworthiness and fearlessness, which were significant to those of ancient periods. In addition to several other factors, the epic is an indirect assessment of what behaviors identify Sundiata as a hero, and by means of extension, what attributes are heroic. The greatest skill that Sundiata possesses would have to be his strength. Though, when Sundiata was born, he developed to be impaired child and lacked the function use his own legs. So afterwards when King Nare finally passed away, his first son, Dankaran Touman took the throne for himself and ignored Sundiata prophesy. However, one significant day, Sundiata acquired the use of his limbs and demonstrated his strength to his family by uprooting a immense baobab tree. Sundiata hence motivates himself by overcoming misfortune and commences his expedition towards his prophesy. This epic is an indirect assessment of what behaviors identify Sundiata as a hero, and by means of extension, what attributes are heroic. So using the story’s own format to understand Sundiata 's legend is not only an interesting educational implement, but…show more content…
For the war that is occurring he assembles an army of soldiers to reconquer the empire of Mali, which was previously oppressed by Soumaoro, the malicious sorcerer king of Sosso. Soumaoro own behavior is completely opposite to that of Sundiata. Sourmaoro is described to be gradually constraining the villages in Mali and beyond under his control through brutality and violence. Soumaoro demonstrates no respect for any of the individuals living in the village of Mali and could care less what happens to them.( Niane Pg.41) At no point in time does he decide to make any efforts to improve his arrogant attitude and that is what ruins him in the end (Niane

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