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Sony is an international corporation with major business in electronics, movies, video games and finance. The Japan predicated company is one of the world’s most immensely colossal media conglomerates with revenue of $89.6 billion in its fiscal 2008 (sony, 2009). Sony is a well apperceived brand name of consumer electronics and its key products are Cyber shot digital cameras, Bravia LCD TV and VAIO computers. Those products constitute 65.1% of sales and operating revenue.
The purport of this paper is to analyse Sony’s corporate strategy and assess sundry implement which give the greatest insight into that strategy. The assessment of Sony is predicated on Mission, Vision, Strategy and SWOT. Those implements are believed
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Understanding this environment is fundamental for Sony to become a bellwether and again more sizably voluminous market share. Therefore, SWOT analysis is an utilisable avail to do that. The analysis is utilised at the commencement of strategic decision making where it provides the rudimental framework (Hamel & Prahalal, 1994). SWOT engenders lists of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats where organisations utilise these to engender strategies that fit their particular projected situation, objectives and their capabilities (Bourgeois 1996, Pearce and Robison 2003, & Thompson and Strickland 1998). Consequently, by conducting SWOT analysis on Sony it will be visible if the company’s strategy fits projected situation. Furthermore, (Valentin, 2001) verbally expressed that the SWOT analysis gives the greatest insights into company’s strategy as it shows the company’s conventional approach of realising the desired alignment. As a result SWOT analysis is a valuable implement in the field of business strategy and gives the greatest insight into Sony’s strategy because it illustrates consequential aspects of organisation’s environment and decisions made by the

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