Sunee Arammuang

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It’s 1975 in Thailand. Times are tough. Kids are having to drop out of school just to be able to work and support their families. Rue “Marty” Martin is just walking into the chow hall when he sees the most beautiful women he’s ever laid eyes on. Her name is Sunee Arammuang. She has the most beautiful hair, skin, eyes, everything. Rue has to meet her. He walks up and introduces himself, and while he knows that this girl is the love of his life, she 's not so sure. But, that’s just a small detail to this story.
Sunee Arammuang was born in Bangkok, Thailand, where times were tough, and so were the people. Sunee had 2 older siblings, and would end up having 12 younger siblings. Her mother passed away after the 8th, so her father remarried and had 8 more! Since Sunee was the third oldest, she had to quit school in third grade, to earn money, and watch her younger siblings. She had to do everything. She ended up going to college for sewing clothes. When Sunee and Rue met in the chow hall, Rue had to go out with her.
Rue was in the Air Force, so he was stationed in Bangkok. He was SUPER persistent. He brought Sunee’s family water bottles every day, because their water was really dirty. He tried for 9 months just to get her to go out with him. Sunee had heard that military men would sell, or be mean to their
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So, they went. They came to the states in 1977, and got married the next week. Rue spoiled her. Whatever she wanted, she got. They traveled all over the world, including England, Italy, and many other places. 4 years after they came to the United States, they had Melinda Sue Martin. Rue stayed in the military for a little while, then he got out, and got a job in Oklahoma. They moved there and while Rue worked, Sunee and Melinda took care of Rue’s father. Rue then came to Arkansas looking for work. He found a job at the LRAFB and they moved here, when Melinda was in the second
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