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Have you ever been blinded by the sun ? Well than try some sunglasses. Sunglasses have been around for a while and they keep on improving, but I doubt any if you know where they came from. Sunglasses have been used for many things such as medical issues, Hiding emotions and identity, to see better, and to keep the sun out of your eyes. Sunglasses help us on everyday basis and are really important. Have you ever asked yourself Where do sunglasses come from? Who made them? what were they used for? I bet not, but i'm going to tell you anyways. Sunglasses were made in Ancient Rome and Ancient China. They were used in ancient Rome so the Emperor Nero could see gladiators fighting better.These were first worn by Emperor Nero these were not the best quality type. Ancient China use sunglasses to hide facial expressions during court. These sunglasses are made from quartz but did not offer any picture from UV rays. this was the beginning of sunglasses. Sunglasses definitely …show more content…

The next improvement happen in 1752 when James ascough began experimenting with Tinted lenses. He found that different color lenses can cure diseases. In the 1900’s New glasses were prescribed to people with syphilis they had yellow tinted lenses. Sunglasses became more widespread across the world especially with movie stars. There was a major mass production of sunglasses as well. In 1936 polarized sunglasses were made by Edwin H. Land. Sunglasses also played a part in World War two when special sunglasses were made for men on the field. Sunglasses became even more popular when a clever ad idea by Foster Grant made everyone want to go buy sunglasses. In the final improvement of sunglasses in 2004 oakley released sunglasses with audio music playing out of them, so now you can play your jams while staying shady. Know as you can see sunglasses have improved tremendously over the last eight hundred

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