Sunglasses At Mblis

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Sunglasses at MBIS?

Kiera O’Malley

The sun is a very powerful object that can benefit us enormously. However, the Sun can also negatively affect us and our eyes in particular can be severely damaged. Should students at MBIS be allowed to wear sunglasses or would doing so cause many problems?

The Sun can cause problems for our eyes. Some types of eye damage that is caused by the Sun are cataracts, macular degeneration , conjunctiva , keratitis or corneal sunburn. Cataracts affect more than 24.4 million people age 40 and older a year .

In addition to general eye damage caused by the Sun, there is a serious and possibly fatal condition that is also caused by the Sun’s rays and that is eye cancer. Eye cancer is a very severe and often fatal illness caused by the Sun. An example of eye cancer is melanoma. Melanoma is an eye cancer that can spread earlier than other skin cancers when cells grow out of control.
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The reasons that we shouldn’t have sunglasses at MBI are that there is a high chance they could get stolen, particularly the expensive brands. Another reason why sunglasses at MBI is not a great idea is that students would get distracted by playing with them and would waste valuable learning time comparing who has the most expensive and fashionable brands.

It is clear that there are arguments for and against wearing sunglasses at MBIS. However, I strongly believe if teachers are allowed to wear sunglasses at MBIS, students should be able to wear them as well, particularly when we are aware of eye damage that can be caused by the

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