Sunil Tripathi: The Boston Bombing Tragedy

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The media is known for not always having the facts right no matter how high end it is, but still people taken what they say as factual evidence. An example of this was the Boston bombing tragedy. Sunil Tripathi became the last victim of the event when he was wrongly accused of the bombings. this started on twitter when a woman stated that the young man looked like one of the suspects several others agreed. Nevertheless, this news traveled (lee, 2015) “even prompting some journalists (including Digg 's Ross Newman, Politico 's Dylan Byers, Newsweek 's Brian Ries, NBC 's Luke Russert, and Buzzfeed 's Andrew Kaczynski) to spread word of Tripathi 's possible guilt” (para. 2). These rumors harmed Tripathi 's family and maybe even himself, since

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