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I had the wonderful opportunity to shadow and interview Sunny Chen at Koi Asian Cuisine Restaurant at Cherry Hill Road in Maryland. Chen is a young college student, working part time in her family restaurant. She is an average height person who is always putting a smile behind the cash register near the front door. She was dressed professional with a dark shirt and dress pants preparing for the party reservation that was going to occur later on the day. I asked her, why she was smiling a lot. Chen responded, “I like to talk to the people around here. It is very nice to different type of people and I can go talk to my coworkers about a customer being annoying while they try to shush me.” As the time passed on, I asked Chen the history of Koi…show more content…
Going through the small double steel door, I saw some of her co-workers. There is not many chefs in the back. There were around 5 people, including her uncle, working and preparing the dish for the customers. Some were Hispanic and the others were Asian. Chen stated that she like to come to the kitchen during her break to talk to the chefs about her day and talk about the annoying customers. Chen explained to me that the chefs do not speak English very well, so she speaks Vietnamese to them. As she was talking to her co-workers, I looked around to see what the kitchen is like. The kitchen appeared to be small and most of the counters and cabinets seem to be made out of medal. It is a clean environment with signs saying no smoking and no artificial fats on the wall with washing your hand sign above the sink. The storage room is very close to the chopping station and there were big pans for frying large quantity of food. I saw her Uncle chopping a lot of carrots and onions while the man next to him was slicing meats. I found out the order Chen put in the computer prints out a receipt of the order in the kitchen … while playing Beethoven symphony 3

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