Sunny Grove Case Analysis

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Statement of the Problem
Due to the numerous operational problems in the department the police chief has been fired and a new police chief has been hired. The old police chief lack of performance in the department for the last few years requires the new police chief to react quickly to solve the issues in the department to satisfy the Mayor and City Council. The new police chief has to adjust to change of community and department size in order to carry out the necessary changes to decrease operational problems in the department.
Analysis and Evaluation
The suburban community of Sunny Grove has a population of 40, 000 people who are provided the full range of polices services by 110 officers in the department. Though the officer’s
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The use of goals are important in achieving success and straying away from the problems present in the department over the last few years. As the new police chief in Sunny Grove, it is vital that a plan is provided to get rid of the corrupt cops in the department, help with financial issues, get rid of unethical behavior and come up with a system that will be suitable of keeping up with records. With all of these issue at hand it would be beneficial for the new police chief to evaluate the type of control present in the department. This evaluation can then determine if the control present is sufficient and just need some internal changes made or if a different type of organizational control needs used to be address the operational issues in the department. “Per the text, the lack of controls or the wrong kinds of control can cause irreplaceable damage to the organization (Bateman & Snell 2013 pg. 347)”. It is obvious that the control system being used is ineffective due to the problems present within the last few years. With changes made to the control system it can increase the chances of that everyone are doing what they are supposed to be doing and not doing inappropriate things that could have the relieved of their duties or does not meet the department…show more content…
Once this information has been obtained and reviewed the new chief can put together his ideas on what he suggest needs to be changed and then meet up with the managers on other issues that he needs help deciding on. It takes a team to make things work and with the assistance from higher authority and performance evaluation available can with decision making. It may come to the point of firing others in the department and replacing them with other who are more capable of performing the job. The decisions made by the new chief needs to quickly solve the problems in the department to satisfy the Mayor and City
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