Sunrise Film Analysis

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Mohamed Shere
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Homework #2

1. Mise-en-scéne is an expression used to describe the arrangement of scenery and stage properties and everything behind camera in the context of film production. The elements of Mise-en-scéne are set design, lighting, space, composition of the film, costume, makeup and hairstyles, acting, film stock and aspect ratio.

2. In the film Sunrise by F.W. Murnau, we see that there are two different prospective views in the same film that is life in the City and life in the country. Murnau has depicted life in the country first, showing it as a pre-industrialism and calm place. This is seen in the film when the countryside seems to show that the wife is preparing food for the family on the table in there
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In the film of Sunrise by F.W. Murnau, in the scene when the woman from the city and the cheating husband meeting by the lake, we see the scene as it goes by showing and majorly focusing on the two lovers and the background being blurry and lighting focusing on the lovers because there are times that on both sides the woman from the city seems to have no shadows. We also see that the clothing for the woman from the city seems to indicate the behavior and the characteristics of the woman. The woman from the city seems to be wearing black clothes during this scene and also is convincing the cheating husband to drown his wife. The black color for the woman indicates harsh and violent characteristics. There is the part also where by the words drowning show up and slowly slide down the screen, this is done in order to take the viewer into the imagination of the man where he thinks of drowning his own wife. We also see how the Woman makes the cheating husband dream of the City and tries to lures him to go with her to the city and while they both dream of this city, the scene shows different imaginations of the city trying its best to impress the man in order for him to go to the city with the woman from the…show more content…
In the film of Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock, we can see that costume and make up is used in a unique way compared to other films. In this film costume and make up is used to attract lovers and to also imitate the lifestyle and appearance of another person. Also different colors are used to portray and to symbolize certain characters in the film, colors such as yellow, red, purple and green. In Vertigo, Scottie uses colors to make-believe in love and romance as to Madeline, Judy and Midge. In the film, we see that Scottie sees Madeline for the first time wearing a green dress. Madeline is portrayed as a beautiful lady with her hairstyle and her dressing style. This makes Scottie to fall in love with Madeline. Later on, when Scottie losses Madeline when she passes away, Scottie sees Judy wearing a green dress and this reminds him of Madeline, so the film goes on to dress up Judy trying her best to imitate Madeline in order for Scottie to love her more. We also see that Judy holds on to a dress with the color of purple, showing us that Purple color symbolizes the true Judy that Judy herself wants to be and also wants Scottie to love her for who she is and not using Judy to remember Madeline for himself. Midge is symbolized also using the color green by how she likes the color and we can also see that from her apartment being yellow and how she used to wear the color yellow. Midge changes her costume style and tries her best also to change so that Scottie may fall in love with
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