Sunset Boulevard Film Themes

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In the film Sunset Boulevard many characters struggled with wishes, lies and dreams of fame and fortune. The film states the corruption in Hollywood and that people will do anything to get ahead. With hope and delusion each character tries to gain happiness, while only being self-destructive and isolating themselves. The characters ultimately deny their problems and confuse those around them. One character in the film who struggles with her wishes, lies and dreams is, Norma Desmond, a washed up actress. After meeting Joe Gillis, a screenwriter, Norma makes it clear that she doesn’t feel that her career is completely over. She is delusional on what her career has dwindled down to. “I am big. It’s the pictures that got small.” Norma makes this comment, making it clear that she is not feeling like a has been. She wishes to be a star again and make a return. But, Norma is only lying to herself about the fact that she is still big; when in reality her time has passed her. She is leading herself to glide along the line of a lost career. In another way, Joe enters Norma’s home and sees that she has money and wants to use her delusions to his advantage. He is desperate to get ahead in the industry as well as make money. “I am big. It’s the pictures…show more content…
He tells of how it has been living with Norma the past few days. Norma has been so focused on her dreams that she isn’t able to cope with the reality and hardships the outside world will bring towards her. “The plain fact was that she was afraid of that world outside. Afraid it would remind her that time had passed.” She moves Joe in and insists that going out is not necessary. Norma can’t face the outside world and realize that no one knows who she is anymore. When Norma’s career ended she wasn’t able to handle the truth and there were people that aided her delusion; that she could actually become the big star
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