Sunshine And Rain Short Story

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Sunshine And Rain The bell rang in the late afternoon, I slowly packed my books, pencils and postcards from my eight years friends from primary school to middle school. Cowarded hallways, where usually were full of laughter, were the loneliest places at the time. I walked out of school with my heavily heart that towarded to my home, hard to forget. It was too hard to say goodbye. I still remembered what I think, what I thought and what I want to say at the last moment. The clouds began to gather together, and the low pressure enveloped the whole city, heavily rain is coming.
It was my last day of school in China. Messy feeling, unwilling to change deeply in my heart, the tears only remember the end of the Chinese school, old friends and being away from families. Even if there were too many shed, too many attachment, I chosen, my way, to go and study in a foreign country, lonely.
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I still clearly remember what my dad said to me. He did say much, but every words imprinted in my heart. It is time for me to change, but how? What should I do? I kept asking myself. The sun had gone, and sky began to drizzle. It is scary to go to a foreign country alone, without knowing the language, cultures and friends. I was not a very social person, going to a foreign country for school making me worried, wonder and kinds of lost in my thoughts. My mom stood in my room, packing last few things for me. I knew that it is the time for me since I had already made the decision to go to high school in a foreign country. The rain was getting heavier and heavier. I was in the car with my parent going to the airport. “Don’t lose your passport, and taking care of yourself”, that was the last thing my mom said to me before I went into the security. Although I had already regarded about my decision, it is time to make changes. There was a lump in my throat and I did not turn back, I knew, I would
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