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361 days a year, there is a city where the sun always sparkles and individuals stroll alongside the road in shorts during the coldest months. One of Florida’s Gulf coast cities, known as the Sunshine City, is 244 miles of gleaming coastline along Tampa Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, the intra coastal waterways, and Boca Ciega Bay. St. Petersburg, Florida, is a tourist paradise on the gulf coast where the atmosphere is beautiful and the weather is always pleasant. Home to the Devil Rays, Fort Se Soto Park with top-rated districts and restaurants, is known for the award-winning beaches. Whether you are one of the many full-time residents, a student at Eckerd, the local college, or one of the thousands who visit each year, the long St. Pete strand will always be remembered for the vitalizing sunsets and invigorating white sand. The cities heart is treasured in downtown St. Petersburg, home to many antique attractions, bars, shops and restaurants. You can find a locale market where the regions finest artisanal fresh food is located. Moving down the strip, the art district includes local cuisine, handmade coffee, fresh brewed coffee, live music, craft beer, etc. The edge district is Florida’s main street program, primarily for historic preservation-based revitalization that creates a sustainable local economy. The Waterfront Arts District hosts…show more content…
The Major League Baseball, Tampa Bay Rays are one of St. Petersburg’s favorite teams with the stadium just minutes away from the city. The Grand Central District located on the west side of downtown hosts many festivals and special events throughout the year. Downtown St. Petersburg is surrounded by historic neighborhoods that help give its charm, but the only thing better than the beaches and city is the

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