Sunshine's Story Short Story

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Introduction #1 The year of sunshines sixteenth birthday was awesome! She was with her best friend Ashley in the sun and the hot weather, then suddenly her whole life turned around. She moved to the other side of the country to the rain drenched freezing cold city of Ridgemont,Washington. When they moved in their new house, from first sight Sunshine thought it was creepy and soon learns that it is haunted. On the first day of school she dressed way different from everyone else there, so she stood out and she couldn 't find any friends at first. Sunshine was excited for her visual arts class but then she figured out that they don 't have a dark room, instead meets a new friend, who shares her love of photography and he helps her through her haunted adventure. Along the way, she uses her powers to solve the ghost 's mystery and learns more about her own past. #2 Sunshine’s life is turned upside down after she moves across the country and finds herself in an unfamiliar house which is haunted. A new friend helps her investigate the haunting, realizing it is much bigger than they expected, while learning more about her own past. Chapter 1 Sunshines Story Sunshine is a sixteen year old girl, she was adopted as a baby and she lives with her mom Katherine and their dog named oscar. She lived in Austin, Texas almost her whole life. Sunshine is very close with her best friend Ashley. During the summer of her 16th year, her mom got a job offer at a hospital

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