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This report is based on the research conducted by Amir Shauqi, Valerie Ong, and Aqill Azmel on the Sunway Group organization. It aims to examine and analyse the business operations of the organisation through extensive research, which includes analyzing annual reports and online research. The objectives of the report is to analyse the possible external environmental factors influencing Sunway Group, identify and describe the strategic business units of the holding company. It will also include descriptions of Sunway Group’s founder based on the Trait Theories: Knowledge of business, achievement drive, cognitive ability and desire to lead. Since Sunway Group's founding in 1974, it has become one of Malaysia's leading and continuously
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However, when it comes to a certain division of the company, they faced various types of competition such as the intensity of rivalry among competitors and the threat of substitute products and services. For example, the intensity of rivalry is rather high for Sunway Group’s hospitality sector. This is due to the rise of the Malaysian tourism industry, which leads to an increase in the number of substitute products and services. Sunway Group faces moderately high threats from the entrance of cheaper lodging alternatives such as motels, budget inns and service apartments. Many travelers might prefer to stay in these lodging alternatives as they provide all the basic necessities and are much more affordable compared to the many hotels under the Sunway Group. Although the intensity of rivalry might be rather high in the hospitality sector for Sunway Group, the threat of new entrants might be relatively low as many smaller businesses may not have the same financial…show more content…
Examples of the external obstacles that Sunway Group faced were political factors, economic factors, and competition. With that being said, Sunway manages to come out on top despite the challenges they face. Furthermore, this corporation has identified various Strategic Business Units (SBU) and identified and categorised them into the Boston matrix. Moreover, this report also discusses the four traits associated with Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah, the founder of the company. On the whole, Sunway Group represents a very well known saying which is “From humble beginnings”. They began as one of Malaysia’s largest tin mining company, but have progressed into various sectors that makes up for what the Sunway Group is today, a huge successful

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