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I am applying to Suny Empire since I feel it is the appropriate seminary for me. I realized after attending more than one Cuny school. I feel as though I need a change in institutions, a school that offers innumerable amounts of support for me to achieve my academic goals. Suny Empire allows their adult students a great deal of support and flexibility which is what I need. My experiences in Cuny schools were not pleasant for me. I lost my aunt to esophageal cancer in November of 2011, after that I lost my grandmother who was perfectly healthy in April of 2012. That was less than seven months all while going to school and working. I had no time to grieve or give up. I had to continue with my responsibilities and help my mother and take care of my autistic son. That was not an easy task to achieve. I went back to school and I was slowly losing my sanity and composure due to the fact that I did not grieve properly. I assisted in planning both funerals which, again was hard. I went to school and one of my Art professors noticed a change in me I explained to her how I lost my aunt and told me to see a therapist.
I told her I had no time to stop I have to keep going on and finish out the semester. My English professor who was a cancer survivor was not that understanding. She told me “your
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Through that I learned the true meaning of critical thinking, learning right from wrong and how to treat others. I am a great listener, I learn fast. I have been told on many occasions that I have great leadership skills. I am hard working; I work well under pressure and during critical times. I am a perfectionist. The majority of my work experience is in the social service field. I have worked in Domestic violence shelters and now mental health facilities. All of these things are what helped me obtain my associates degree. With these skills and the generous support o Sunny Empire I know I will obtain my bachelor’s degree

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