Suny Empire State College Student Analysis

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Recently, I began a mission to find a great college to attend. After careful consideration and several reasons, I chose to start my process at Suny Empire State College. I majored in psychology fifteen years ago while attending Long Island University Brooklyn Campus but unfortunately, I did not complete. Instead, I chose to begin a beautiful family. Needless to say, I am not the typical age of a college student. However, I had always told myself that I would someday re enroll, earn a degree, and graduate so that I could be a prime example for my four children as to what never giving up looks like. I believe this college would enable me to earn a degree without taking on a heavy financial burden. In addition, I appreciate the flexible structure of programs which would fit into my current lifestyle as a busy mom. And, I definitely love the maturer yet diverse environment the school has to offer.…show more content…
Over the years I’ve experienced how serving the underserved can be very self rewarding. I must say, witnessing the growth and success of others is just as satisfying as experiencing my own. I feel that serving others adds a greater purpose to my life, both personally and professionally. Because of this, the major in which I would like to pursue is Substance Abuse Services. Currently, I’m only partially credentialed as a counselor. Obtaining this degree would not only assist with fulfilling credentialing requirements; but will also enhance my knowledge and skills so that I may continue to provide optimal quality and care services necessary to treat diverse
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