Narrative Essay On Super Blue Moon

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It is the week of the super blood moon and vaguely mentioned before by my mother. was how she was sure she would have dreams of the moon falling out if the sky as it is a reoccurring dream, and the event of the blood super blue moon would only fuel it. Me looking somewhat perplexed, “the moon, falling out of the sky.” She asked if I have ever dreamt such a dream, with a confused look I said no. Skip a day, it’s the night of the 31st or the official supermoon. We had just finished watching an episode of Project Runway and she had fallen asleep. I, however, left to the couch. Exhausted I figured that I would take a brief power nap, and wake up later to clean the hous; as we had just had a conversation earlier about me not "stepping up to the…show more content…
Here we are plummeted by a sandstorm. And as these creatures are several times our size and we are no more than the size of a Lego character to them. As we are walking the two of us, are literally getting blown away. Then this fucking bird thing, with his elbow protecting his eyes from the sandstorm, he extends his bird hand, wing and pulls a fucking Michael Jackson 's move catching whichever one of us had been blown away. Then for whatever reason we take shelter there and decide to sleep in the monster 's mouth, good idea right? Next scene and me and my cousin are sipping pina coladas out of coconuts on the beach still in the creature mouths while some late sixties early seventy music plays. Here we see a fucking paused screen and me and my mother are on the couch back at home. That’s lame I exclaim clearly referring to the change from the dramatic bird to the pina coladas. Yes, but it is uplifting considering, referring to this scene in correlation to the scene of us sinking. True I say.We were watching the trailer of a movie? Here I immediately and rapidly wake up and sit up, what the actual fuck. Then I realized that I had fallen asleep and never cleaned, while it was already,
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