Super Bowl 50 Commercial Analysis

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The commercial I chose for the Super Bowl 50 was the Coca-Cola Minis (Hulk vs. Ant-man). The commercial starts out in Dr. Banner 's lab aka the Hulk. He walks in on Ant-man stealing his Coke Mini. Ant-man jumps out the window to save himself as Dr. Banner screams and turns into the Hulk. He jumps out of the window as Hulk and runs after Ant-man. Ant-man is dodging cars and jumping over bridges, but eventually ends up at a dead end in an alley. Hulk was on his heels and cornered him in the alley. Ant-man gives up and gives the Coca-Cola Mini to the Hulk. Unfortunately, Hulk can 't get it open with his large fingers. Ant-man helps him. "You 're so helpless," Ant-man said this as he jumped on the Hulk and onto the Coke Mini, obviously in his

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