Super Bowl 53 Research Paper

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The Dream League “Hike” Super Bowl 53 has just begun. Tom Brady throws to Rob Gronkowski the tight end who is enormous in size. He runs for a gain of 24 yards. It seems the game has begun in a good way for the Patriots. Tom Brady throws the ball but it is intercepted. The first half ends with no team scoring. Then the 3rd quarter begins and the Cardinals receive the ball, their running back Andre Ellington does a marvelous job on breaking tackles, he runs without ever looking back, as he runs all the way Patriot fans begin to nod in disappointment but some still have faith in their team. The Patriots receive the ball and run it to the 30 yard line. The next play is going to go to Danny, as he receives the ball he runs and gets a gain of another 30 yards. There…show more content…
As the ball gets to the end zone, The Patriot fans come out to be disappointed as the ball is intercepted. The Patriots accept defeat but will come back next year even better and will try their hardest at the Super Bowl. As they accept defeat later that year they start training again with newly signs players who may make the team better. The regular season begins and they first play against the Steelers and win 21-14. They start the reason great, undefeated 10 games until they go against the Cardinals and lose the very first in the whole season. Well it is now the play offs and the Patriots are going against the Jaguars and the game is intense throughout everything. The Patriots are down by six and they have the ball, with one touchdown they could win it all. Since they are half way down the field they have to try to go for a hail mary. They play starts and all of the receivers are heading towards the end zone and Tom throws the ball and a miraculous catch is made by Julian. The Patriots head to the semi-finals against their rivals, the New York Jets. They prepare for the Jets and practice a lot of trick plays. The day finally arrives and the Patriots win the coin toss and choose to
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