Super Bowl Ad Analysis Essay

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The ad that will be analyzed was shown in the Super bowl a few years ago. The ad is targeting mainly anyone and everyone old enough to buy a car. The ad uses pathos and its brand name very well because of the music that plays throughout the commercial and the events that happen throughout the commercial.
The ad starts off with two people sitting behind a police motorcycle. These people are middle-aged wearing a suit. KIA could be implying that the people who desire this vehicle are all successful and well off. Then the scene switches to a police officer driving a KIA down a highway, and it shows the mountainside in the background. The ad then shows the car from two angles. The first angle is a small shot of the front tires of the car. Next
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This action shows us that the car is very desirable and wanted by everybody involved. The helicopter then flies up in the air with the car firmly in its grasp, and the police officer gets out the car and jumps into the ocean. This action has another use of pathos through humor. People of all ages can laugh at the sheer ridiculousness and unlikely hood of this actually happening. Then the helicopter brings the car to a yacht sitting in the middle of an ocean. Next we see a man relaxing with a bunch of women looking at the car in binoculars with a smile on his face. This part gives the message that this car is wanted by the most powerful individuals on earth. Then the ocean becomes a massive wave and forms the shape of Poseidon. This commercial’s main hook is that the car is desired by anything even mythological figures such as Poseidon. Then the car is abducted by aliens. At this point the commercial can once again be seen as humorous to younger audiences, and be seen as silly by older audiences. Then the alien ship goes to another planet at a very high speed. After that it releases the car on another planet with an alien driving it. This planet has a very rocky terrain to show that the car can drive on rough surfaces. Then the camera shows some of its alien friends cheering it on. Afterwards, there’s a portal that appears and sucks the car inside it. The portal then leads to either the Aztecs or Mayans
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