A Million Dollar Commercial Essay

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Super Bowl LII: A Million Dollar Advertisement Upon the first Sunday of February each year, the two remaining football teams in the NFL come together to compete and continue a national holiday that dates back to 1967. In that inaugural year, it cost approximately $40,000 to occupy a slot of time on the television screens of 50 million people around the country. 51 years later, in 2018, that price has been heightened to between 5 and 5.5 million dollars, now attracting nearly 100 million viewers each year. (CNN) Between the 60 minutes of broadcasted game time, various companies attempt to put their millions to use and to hopefully create a funny, interesting, and/or informative commercial. Their aim is to spark conversations and stay in…show more content…
The ad’s appeal to logos is entertaining and subtle. The many visual effects and vibrant background music provide the viewer with a palatable visual and auditory experience. The thematic elements of fire in the commercial will illustrate the experience of spicy when one eats a bag of Doritos “Blaze.” Correspondingly, the visual experience of Morgan Freeman in a icy palace exemplifies the cool, refreshing experience of enjoying a bottle of Mountain Dew “Ice”. Driven by clever and captivating appeals to pathos and logos, this advertisement piques the interest of viewers of various ages with comedic endeavors while creating a visual display that clearly and creatively demonstrates the significance of the products. Doritos and Mountain Dew have used cultural favorites: popular music, exhilarating visual effects, and wildly famous actors to tie together a convincing piece of marketing. Works Cited “Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice.” No Dir. Perf. Morgan Freeman, Peter Dinklage, Missy Elliot, Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, 2018. Television
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