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Super Bowl Sunday is a very special day for a lot of people. It is the most popular sporting event in the United States and to some, is even considered a holiday. It is such a popular day that even people who are not fans of Football participate in the Super Bowl festivities. Knowing this, companies take advantage of the publicity to make some of the best, and most expensive commercials of the year. Because it is one of the most-watched American television programs, the commercial airtime is the most expensive of the year, which leads companies to develop their most creative commercials to be broadcast during the Super Bowl. One Super Bowl commercial this year that astounded the audience was an Australian tourism ad that surprised everyone.…show more content…
Following that, Brian Dundee shows up out of an old bus very clumsily dragging a suitcase and wearing a bright yellow shirt and a neck pillow. This is Chris Hemsworth’s first time meeting Brian Dundee at 0:25 so he is clearly very surprised with the appearance of Brian Dundee as he continues to say “really, really” while shaking Brians hand. Next it shows short clips of Brian Dundee “getting a clean shave with his machete” as he seems to be oblivious that he cut his whole face. After that Chris Hemsworth is in a small boat holding a huge fish and saying “I’ll see you next week Mary.” After another short clip of humor they are shown driving down a beautiful stretch of beach at 0:50 and Brian Dundee says “not a lot of crocs out here huh” to which Chris replies “Just 37,000 miles of pristine beautiful beach mate”. This is the beginning of “hyping up Australia” in this ad. Next Chris and Brian are at a winery where Chris tells Brian “did you know that Australia makes some of the finest wines in the entire world” to which Brian replies, clearly very confused “no, no I didn’t know that”. Finally, at 1:07 Chris and Brian are at a very nice restaurant with a beautiful view of the water when Brian says “wait hold up, this

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